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How to make a long distance relationship with the Scorpio?

Nov 20,2022 | YAMEDEY

1. Long-distance relationship is really not a big problem for Scorpio, because she / he is always desperate, the things will not change, the real test of long-distance relationship is actually to Scorpio’s lover.

2. Remember, do voice / video with Scorpio every day for no less than half an hour! Without contact in 24 hours, Scorpio will think that you are dead.

3. You’d better could reply back to Scorpio in seconds, if cannot, you don’t need to reply anymore.

4. Don't be stingy to express the love of Scorpio, even if you were a bad talker. When you are facing long distance relationship, you need to become a sweet lover.

5. When a Scorpio is angry, you must brazen-facedly coax him/her! Trust me, the core reason of his/her anger is because Scorpio miss you too much.

6. Be sure to plan your meeting regularly so that Scorpio will have something to look forward to and don’t suffer too much.

7. Do long-distance relationships need a bit fun and a bit romance? You can secretly prepare gifts to send to Scorpio. The gift can be not expensive, your heart is Scorpio cares most.

APP Remote Control Vibrator would be one of the most suitable gifts for long-distance lovers, because you can interact and satisfy with each other million miles away, which could enhance your relationship!

8. Loyalty! loyalty!Loyalty! Do not think that out of the sight of Scorpio you can cheat. with Scorpio’s sensitivity and wit, want to know if you have cheated it’s a piece of cake!

9. Both sides should work towards the ultimate goal of ending a long-distance relationship. Scorpio is very loyal to love, please don't disappoint his/her sincerity.

10. Have confidence in each other, after all, going through long-distance relationships is forever love. Hoping all Scorpio long-distance relationships could come to the end ASAP.