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How to hold a long-distance relationship with a Virgo?

Aug 27,2022 | YAMEDEY

1. At least one or two hours of contact every day is essential. It is best to be able to reply Virgo’s text in seconds, take the initiative to tell Virgo where you are, what you do, don't let Virgo worried.


2. Moments about your relationship must be open to public. From time to time post some moments about Virgo, show affection, will let Virgo at ease.


3. When Virgo really needs you to be there, no matter how far away you are. If you can't make it, you will need a video or phone call to make up for not being there all the time.


4. Take the initiative to talk to Virgo and show them that you care about him/her by taking an interest in what's going on in Virgo’s daily life.


5. What long-distance love needs most is interest and romance. Usually pay more attention to what is missing in Virgo life, what Virgo like, and then send him/her some gifts as a surprise.

APP Remote Control Vibrator would be one of the most suitable gifts for long-distance lovers, because you can interact and satisfy with each other millions miles away, which could enhance your relationship!


6. You'd better keep yourself clean and stay away from cheating.  Otherwise, with the Virgo's intelligence and keen awareness, Virgo will let you regret if you have messed.


7. The most taboo thing about long distance relationships is the Cold War. Even if it's the cold war that started on the Virgo side, you have to be stubborn to ask for communication, ask for peace, and don't leave him/her alone.


8. No matter how far away, meet regularly. Don't let Virgo endure too long. You should work towards the goal of ending long-distance relationships and getting together!


9. You must trust each other, solve difficulties together, plan the future together. And hope that all Virgo who have survived long-distance relationships can achieve positive results.